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Jim Beaumont’s Planting Calendar

by Ralph Long

Below is a commercial planting guide as related by the late Mr Jim Beaumont, whose market gardens were situated at Bowral Rd, Mittagong ocupying two large blocks between the railway and the old Highway near the RSL. The optimum dates are his preferred planting dates for best results.

In Spring, Bowral would be a week behind these times and Picton a week ahead approximately and the reverse in Autumn. Also it does not take into account moon planting. Some of the dates may be too narrow for a home garden with many micro-climates which could allow a longer season. Also frost tender plants can be started under cover earlier, for example under a hot frame.

Vegetable Optimum Sowing Times Normal Sowing
BEETROOT 1st August to 1st February *JF SOND
BEANS FRENCH October 15th to February 15th * J OND
BROCCOLI 1st October to December and February *JF SOND
BRUSSEL SPROUTS November to December 15th *JF OND
CABBAGE May, August to October and November *JFM ASOND
CAPSCIUM 1st October only * SON
CARROT 1st August to February 1st. *JF ASOND
CELERY 1st September to November 1st * SOND
CORN SWEET 1st September to January 15th * OND
CUCUMBER 1st November to 1st January * OND
LETTUCE May (up to 15th), August to January *JFMAMJJASOND
MARROW 1st November to 20th December * OND
ONION early 15th May to October 1st * FMAMJJAS
ONION Late May 15th to June 20th * MAMJJ
PARSNIP 1st August to 30th September *JF ASOND
POTATOES 1st October to February 1st * J ASOND
PUMPKIN 1st November to 1st December * OND
RADISH 1st August to 1st March *JFMAM ASOND
RHUBARB crowns Anytime *JF JJASOND
SQUASH 1st November to 20th December * OND
TOMATOES October and November * OND
TURNIPS 1st August to 1st January, February *JFMA JASOND