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Page Coulson searched and discovered a website about natural treatments for animals.

The website from which I drew the following information belongs to Diana Hayes of the Animal Naturopathy Centre in Perth. She has an on-line catalogue of over 3000 homoeopathic animal remedies which incorporate not only useful herbs like comfrey, garlic and calendula that you can grow at home, but also Bach Flower and Australian Bush Flower Essences and the homoeopathic treatments.

She asserts that vaccines, such as Parvo or Canine Distemper vaccines for dogs, cause reactions which can lead to either acute of chronic diseases.Another major cause of ill-health is poor diet - she believes that the dry biscuits we feed our pets comprise mostly of by-products from the production of human food plus chemicals which can result in malnutrition and lead to specific problems like acute cystitis.She recommends that we feed our animals raw foods (raw meat and veges for carnivores) and that we don't vaccinate but rather use homoeopathic treatments for things like heartworm and parvo virus. It makes sense that the more natural the diet, the healthier the animal. You would need to contact her for information on transferring your animals from current orthodox remedies to homoeopathic remedies as there may be extra procedures involved in the changeover.

Here's a taste of her selections off the net:

I have used all of the above successfully on my chickens after dog-attack, and to help overcome coccidiosis. These will work with most animals and, along with Rescue Remedy Bach Flower Essence, should be a part of any First Aid Kit (human and animal). There are specific remedies for horse illnesses also.

For those old or oversensitive pets the following natural remedies are recommended:

I have selected just a few recommendations for common animal problems and I have not specified dosages as these are available on the Net. 

J38 Winter 2002