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Biological Control

David Johnson provides a brief intro to some commercially available insect pest predators.

A variety of beneficial insects and mites are available for release in the garden, nursery or orchard to deal with a range of pests in a safe and effective way. These biological agents are released to predate upon the pest species and to re-establish a balance. Once a population is established, the numbers of available pests will control the number of available predators that will control the number of available pests and so on. The following table lists useful species, their uses and their suppliers.

Species Use Suppliers
Aphytis Wasps Red scale parasite. Used in citrus especially against armoured scales. 1,3
Chilocorus Beetles Scale predators, attacking armoured types including white louse, oriental and red scales 3
Cryptolaemus Beetles Mealybug predator. Adults and larvae feed on mealybug. Also attacks soft scales 3
Encarsia Wasps White fly parasite used in Europe in glasshouses for over 50 years. 1
Green Lacewing Aphid and general predator feeding on mites, white fly, scales, mealybug, and moth eggs


Nematodes Fungus gnat and scarab beetle parasites and black vine weevil, garden weevil and mole crickets 4
Orgilus Wasp Potato moth predator 6
Persimilis Predatory Mite Two spotted mite predator. 2,5
Trichogramma Wasps Moth egg parasite - attacks heliothis, light brown apple moth and codling moth 7
Typhodromous occidentalis Two spotted mite predator.


  1. Biological Services (08) 8584 6977
  2. BioProtection (07) 4666 1592
  3. Bugs for Bugs (07) 4165 4663
  4. Greenem Biological Control (03) 9756 6997
  5. Hawkesbury IPM Service (02) 4570 1331
  6. IPM Technologies (03) 9710 1554
  7. Richard Llewellyn (o7) 4632 9215

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