Permaculture Backyard Design Course

Course Outline   The course covers the design skills and practical skills needed to apply Permaculture to an urban situation and has particular focus on cool climate strategies and species selection. 

This 18 week course runs one night per week during two school terms. The time frame allows participants opportunity to become acquainted with the ideas over a reasonable period of time, and so to absorb the concepts. There is ample time to develop design skills and to network with students with similar interests. Trips to view applied design are undertaken as part of the course. 

The topics covered include: Design Principles and Ethics of Permaculture, The Home Garden, House Design and Retrofitting, The Home Orchard, Keeping Small Animals, Backyard Aquaculture, Plant Identification and Selection, Permaculture in Social Context.

Designs are developed (initially in groups) to cover realistic backyard situations. As a final project each student works on a detailed design of his/her own property, including planting lists, budget costings, time staging and maps. 

There is no Backyard Design Course currently being organised. To register interest in a future course send us an email. You will receive an acknowledgement email and be placed on a list to be contacted when the next course is being planned.

Course Presenters   The courses are coordinated and presented by David Johnson and co-presented by Jill Cockram and Debbie Hebbard.

Course Fees   The full cost of the course is $320 including the textbook.

A deposit of $120 is required to secure a place. (This is not refundable unless the course is cancelled or at least two weeks notice is given). A generous $32 discount (10%) is available for full payment at the beginning of the course. Payments can be made easier by an initial payment (after $100 deposit) of $100 and a further installment of $100 at the start of term 2. Other concession prices for the course are available.

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison is essential reading for the course. It is included in the course fee ($40rrp!). Please indicate on the application if you already have a copy.

Please note that the course will only be run if there are sufficient participants. Your help in recruiting students would be appreciated.

Other Course Details   Note that the class size is limited to a maximum of 20, to encourage participation and learning.

Working to further the ideals of Permaculture on a local and global scale.