Policy for Attendance at Local Permaculture Events

The calendar usually includes events to showcase aspects of permaculture. Anyone may attend these workshops or field trips but you need to book in advance. Contact the event organiser before the final booking date to book and to find out the address and directions. If there are insufficient numbers to proceed, the event will be cancelled and those who have already booked will be notified.

Attendance at an event advertised by Permaculture Southern Highlands involves the following clear individual responsibilities.

  1. You attend as an invited guest of the host household.
  2. You are responsible for your own safety in attending and undertaking activities on the site.
  3. Your children are solely your responsibility for safe and controlled behaviour at all times on the site.
  4. No pet is to be taken onto the site without the express permission of the host, and in the event of this being granted, the owner accepts full responsibiltiy for its control.

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