active in the cool climate region approximately 150km south-west of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The Introductory Permaculture course, the Backyard Permaculture Design course and the (formerly Institute accredited)  Permaculture Design Certificate course.
The Calendar of Activities includes field trips as the invited guests of a local with expertise in some aspect of Permaculture, as well as public demonstrations and workshops.
The Permacultivator is no longer being published. Articles from the previous issues provide useful information and articles about the living and growing in a cool climate.
Information about recommended Permaculture and organic growing books.
Links to some other sites with useful Permaculture information.
Permaculture Southern Highlands is currently (March 2014) in a state of Promethean rebirth. A meeting at the Bundanoon Community Garden Open Day on 9th March established a core of like-minded folk keen to see it happening. A first event is planned for Sunday April 6th at Judith and Paul Collins wonderful property at 61 Balmoral Park Rd, Buxton. Starting at 10am we'll have a tour and knuckle in to a job that Paul has in mind and then we'll enjoy a convivial shared lunch (bring a contribution - preferably from your own garden). Bring plants, seedlings, seeds to share.

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